How you can help the Project?


2006 Visit some of what we took from people here

Funding pupils through school
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Chickens and Pigs
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There are three main areas where we need support.  

 Visit July 2006                      
 Prayer support.
Financial and Material Assistance - funds needed to buy furniture for classrooms

 First pray for the nation of Zimbabwe, it’s leaders and its people.

 Secondly, pray for the MCDP and those people both here and in Zimbabwe who are giving  their time freely.

 There are a number of things we want to do. Some instigated by our supporters in schools.
There is a great need for school books. We want to collect then ship them to Zimbabwe. We have established links that will hopefully help us to a get the books to the schools in the most effective way.

The same is true of clothing. We are working with Rev.Titus Murefu, who is based in Harare to identify the most appropriate types of clothing to collect and send out.

Please consider if you would like to be part of this life changing project by supporting it by getting involved in its activities or financially by regular giving direct into its bank account or even a single donation. Please consider sponsoring a child's education.

You may even like to get more involved in other fund raising and cross-cultural work of the Project. If you would look at the What's Happening page or contact us.

If you have any suggestions about other ways in which you could help, please contact any of the group.

Visit 2006.

We spoke to Mrs Murahwa, the head of the Pafiwa Mutasa High School about the visit. She made a number of suggestions about things we could take out to the school.
this is a basic list: Fabric dyes, dressmaking shears, Pencils, Pens, Markers, crayons, Art materials - they have just started an 'A' level art course -
Please collect any of the items on the list that you get the chance to. Dig through the cupboards and see if there are some fabric dyes of crayons lurking there that we can take.

We will also accept money to purchase these items on your behalf, any surplus would go to the school.

We also want to collect things that may need to be sent - Library books, text books particularly science and textiles but others as well, anything to do with sewing machines.

They have 10 computers that the Government gave them some time ago. at some time they could do with more. They hope that problems of internet access will eventually be solved but that could be some time yet.