Emails from Believe Njopera relating to the setting up of the association

September 2012

1.The Pafiwa vision
-I have not given up finding ways to keep supporting a few less privileged students at Pafiwa Primary and High School. I have been soliciting support from generous people to pay school fees for 20 students(10 at primary and 10 at high school). Primary school kids I need $200 every term and High Kids i need $450 every term. I have successfully raised support for first and second terms but i am struggling to raise support for third term school fees. The headmasters have just sent a word to me about the need to pay up the school fees. I am just praying and hoping that it will not take time before i get some generous good Samaritans coming up again but i do not want to keep begging like this. I have a plan.
2.What's the plan?
I  am going home early November for 5 weeks. I want to use part of this time to meet former students who can buy into the vision of supporting the less privileged students and we will talk about forming and registering a former students association (alumni association for Pafiwa). I have been communicating with a few people via internet and they like the idea. I also want to see how we can use the structures which where constructed e.g. the pig structure and chicken run. I will give you a feedback on how these things are being managed.

October 2012



Greetings from a group Pafiwa Mutasa High former students who are scattered all over parts of the global world. Pafiwa Mutasa High has been a place for  study, friendship and discovery. It has given us a foundation which we feel obliged and indebted to plough back something. We also highly appreciate  and respect your role as the School Headmaster. As former students who always regard Pafiwa Mutasa High School Heads as our Fathers or Mothers. The hearts and minds of former students from Pafiwa Mutasa High are longing for a family re-union and we look up to you to help us water the roots of this wonderful family tree. Thank you very much for the encouragement and support you have given so far. Because of the Fatherhood support and love you have shown to us since you became the new Head, I have been asked to write a formal letter to seek more help and support for the Launching of PAFIWA ALUMNI ASSOCIATION (PAA) on the 10th of November 2012.Pafiwa Mutasa High is like a centre to a number of primary schools such as Newengo, Chirarwe, Pafiwa Primary, Selborne, Manunure, Zinyembe etc and as such we hope to bring together former students from these primary schools who studied at Pafiwa Mutasa High.

For the launching to be a success we need a venue for the delegates to meet. So we humbly ask you for the permission to use one of your classrooms and a number of needed facilities to make this launching day a success. We are also encouraging delegates to the meeting to register ahead of time and the deadline is the 9th of November 2012,we also seek your permission to do the registration at your school, we are highly encouraged by the volunteering spirit some of your staff members are showing towards the Vision. We encouraged delegates to the meeting to pay $10 or more to those who are working and $5 to those not employed. These monies will be used to pay legal expenses to register the Association. The Association and the School will be intricately connected, therefore the Headmaster will be an ex officio member, we do not need to vote for the school head to be in the  Executive Committee (it's automatic). Other things about the Constitution will be clarified when we meet on the 10th of November because everything has to come from the delegates.

PAA shall be a non- political and non-profit making organization so we kindly ask you to help us have the right image with the government, ministry of education and the community. Some of the AIMS AND OBJECTIVES which I have been given by a number of interested former students are as follows

a) To organize and establish scholarship funds to help the needy and deserving students (immediately we will start by supporting students at Pafiwa High school, thank you for your patience, we understand that there are 10 students whom we have not yet paid their school fees, we are making arrangements to get their school fees). In future we hope to support deserving students from feeder primary schools as well.

b) To promote and foster mutually beneficial interaction between the former students and the present students and between the former students themselves.

c) To institute prizes and awards for outstanding students and also to suitably recognize outstanding social and community service by former students,current students and teachers.

d) To take advantage of developing technology like internet in achieving the aims and objectives of PAA.

e) To establish an Alumni Association Office at Pafiwa Mutasa High that will assist in providing former students  and international friends of Pafiwa the means to retain a meaningful and lifelong relationship with the school (e.g. we have international friends like Nigel Canning, Margret Simmonds and Peter Wrigley in the UK, who have done a lot to support students at Pafiwa and other schools around and they want to remain part of the family tree, so we need an office to help us)

-More things will be clarified on the 10th  of November. We hope to achieve the following things on the 10th November

a) Choose and appoint the Executive Committee Members

b) Create a strong General Assembly (it means all delegates who pay registration fees will automatically become members of the general assembly)

c) Raise enough monies to meet registration and legal costs.

d) Have time for fellowship (after the meeting we will have time to meet and chat with each other and maybe a have a walk around the school). We kindly ask your help. I know that "ukama hunozadziswa nokudya.". Anything you may help us with towards this basic need cause will be highly appreciated. Things like braai will be awesome.

We therefore kindly ask your support to publicise this historical event. I in person will make efforts to be there on the 7th or 8th of November 2012 to help to publicise this event. Please feel free to write me back about things which needs urgent attention. You can also get more information from Lydia Rondozai at Pafiwa Primary School, she is our current National Co-ordinator and I am acting as an International Coordinator (all our posts are temporary). Hope to hear from you soon.

Kind regards

Believe Njopera

the Head's reply

Dear Mr. Njopera

Ref: Support for the Launch of the PAA

Thank for your email on the subject of the Pafiwa Alumni Association. I take the launch as a brilliant decision from sincere selfless visionaries from our own fold and beyond. Well done.
I am happy to advise that the whole school is doing its best to organize for the launch.
The School Development Committee has pledged drink and braai. We are inserting an advert in the Manica Post. We have also procured Pafiwa High School T- Shirts which will sell for $15 (golf) and $10 (round necks).
We will ask our Advanced Level students to attend so that they may have direct interaction with those who have been through the mill.
From the launch, I sincerely hope that the association will grow.

Best wishes

Maurice Munzara

Head Pafiwa

email forwarded by Believe following the founding meeting of the association

Good day Colleagues,

By copy of this email, kindly find attached minutes for the Pafiwa Alumni Association (PAA) groundbreaking convene held at PMHS on Saturday 11 November 2012. I tried to attach the attendance register but it was very faint so I detached it.

I have copied everyone who attended and entered their email address on the attendance register. I have also made an attempt to copy some former students who were not present on the day due to other commitments and geographical distance. May we also forward the minutes to other former students who did not attend. May I propose that each person who receives these minutes forward them to at least 10 former students? By this we will ensure that most of our former students “on email” are reached.

We have so many underprivileged students who need to be assisted so that they acquire basic education. We also have a number of projects to be spearheaded at the school (as captured in the Committee meeting minutes). In this regard, our contributions both in hardware (cash, material etc) and software (ideas, knowledge) are most welcome.