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Piggery Project - link to latest pictures

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Because of the potential smell from the project it is going to be located in an area where the prevailing wind will not carry any smells across the school site. This conveniently happens to also be where the Agriculture Department has its land.
Below and left are photos of the inside of the Agriculture Classroom. Please note the seating!


Probable site adjacent to and maybe including some of the existing buildings.

Even in winter there is evidence of productivity from the land.

The potential of the site is amazing. The school has more land than it can currently use. There are existing building that have fallen into disuse mainly because of the cost of securing them in an environment where the rate of malnutrition is high. We can rectify this by funding the project. Once running it will be, like the poultry, self sustaining. The added bonus is that it will feed into the community much needed meat which will not carry commercial profit costs. 



(below) Open ground which when cleared will grow maize to supplement the food for livestock.

(right)The inside of the old buildings still houses derelict rabbit hutches.

Notes on the chalk board about drip irrigation. Part of the 'O' level sylabus

The tall trees seen in some of the photos are gum trees. They grow quickly and are widely used by the locals for many things, including the seats (left).