(left) some of the  almost 200 Pupils we are committed to sponsoring

Funding pupils through school
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Supporting Pupils to help them complete their education

Prior to its official launch, money had been raised that was paying school fees for pupils at Pafiwa High School in Mutasa. Zimbabwe, in common with most African countries is struggling with a range of problems from unemployment, high inflation and HIV /AIDS.

The Project is committed to maintain this vital input into the community. Education is one of the most valuable commodities that we can provide that will build a sustainable and secure future for the community. Out of the 1300 pupils more than 1000 come from homes where finding money for school fees is a struggle. This reflects the value placed on education by parents.

If you want to support this aspect of the Projects work, consider sponsoring a child through school who would probably have to drop out through lack of funding. At the moment school fees work out at about 60 a year but pupils can only attend if they also have a school uniform. Please contact us for details of our Pupil Sponsorship Scheme.