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Pafiwa Mutasa High School is a Secondary School in the district of Mutasa. It serves a large rural community and many pupils walk long distances to and from school. Currently it has just over 1300 pupils on roll. The age range is from 13 to 18+. Many pupils leave and return with the availability of money for school fees. Many pupils are in the 20 to 24 age range when they finally complete their A level studies.

Mutasa is a district near the city of Mutare which is very near the Zimbabwe, Mozambique border. The district covers an area of 2545 km˛. This makes it about 20% larger than Warwickshire (1975 km˛)

The school has a very committed team of teachers and administrators as well as an active parents group. Out of the 1300 pupils more than 1000 come from homes where finding money for school fees is a struggle. The fact that they are in school reflects the value placed on education by parents.

  Peter Wrigley, Nigel Canning, Believe Njopera, Margaret Simmonds  
MCDP committee August 2006

Peter Wrigley, Nigel Canning, Believe Njopera, Margaret Simmonds


After Nigel Canning’s visit with Believe Njopera, to Zimbabwe in the summer of 2004, he felt led to establish a support group to link with the Pafiwa Mutasa Community Trust, which Believe had already established in the summer of 2003 in Zimbabwe. The Trust has a committee in Mutare, which includes a local lawyer who was at school with Believe. It has the support of the local chief, local churches and local and national political figures. This Trust was founded to provide some pupils at Pafiwa Mutasa High School with scholarships using money raised from the UK and Zimbabwe. The Trust succeeded in awarding 12 students with scholarships.

The inaugural meeting of the MCDP Management Committee was on 12th May 2005 when Nigel explained how the idea for the project was borne out of the previous work, initiated by Believe and Peter Wrigley, in forming a link between George Eliot Community School in Nuneaton, (where they both taught at the time) and Pafiwa Mutasa High School. This link was further developed during Nigel’s visit to involve other schools and churches in both countries. It was felt that a more formal project to further aid development of the Mutasa Community was now needed. The members agreed to adopt the title of Mutasa Community Development Project.

The Project was officially launched with an Action Day at All Saints Church, Nuneaton on the 11th June 2005.

The project was formed to provide a transparent, accountable way to support the community. It has at its heart the desire to serve the Mutasa community by providing sustainable support, “ hand up”, not “hand out”.

The Project has committed itself to funding a sustainable project based initially at the High School. This project has local backing and support. The details of the project are available from the Chickens and Pigs Project link. It is also committed to building links between the black and white communities.

Mutasa is a rural community in Zimbabwe, near to the city of Mutare. Mutare is near the Mozambique border. Believe Njopera, now living in Nuneaton, grew up and was educated in Mutasa. The sharing of his life experiences and a desire to give something back to his community, led to the inspiration of the project. Zimbabwe, in common with most African countries is struggling with a range of problems from unemployment, high inflation and HIV /AIDS.

The project is working within a Christian context in Zimbabwe and the founders of the MCDP are all Christians from a number of churches in the Nuneaton area. In Zimbabwe it has the support of not just the local church leaders but also Bishop Bakare, Bishop of Manicaland Diocese. He trained in Birmingham where he got to know Bishop Simon Barrington-Ward, the previous Bishop of Coventry.

Zimbabwe is a beautiful country filled with some beautiful people. Currently the life expectancy is 36.4 years. (three years ago it was 39.9) Adult literacy is about 90%. They are a people who want to be successful and will work hard to be so. Sadly the economic climate is making life very hard for ordinary people. The Project is already making a difference to one community. Please help us to continue to support them in becoming independent and self-sufficient.

 How can you help?

First pray for the nation of Zimbabwe, it’s leaders and its people.

Secondly, pray for the MCDP and those people both here and in Zimbabwe who are giving their time freely.

Thirdly, consider if you would like to be part of this life changing project by supporting it financially by regular giving direct into its bank account or even a single donation. You may even like to get more involved in the fund raising and cross-cultural work of the Project.