St James Primary School

The primary school at Zongoro has lots of pupils but very few text books.
With your help we have changed that. We have provided Text books for three grades in Maths Shona and English
The official handover was At St James Anglican Church 18th Feb 2007 (Click on picture to enlarge)

Grade 6 receive books

 Congregation (note blue and white Mothers Union uniform)

Some Grade 3 Maths and Shona books Grade 3 receive books Some Grade 6 Maths books

Grade 7 children

Priest talking about the importance of books priest and S.D.C
(School Development Committee)
more English books Teachers receive revision books

Chairman's vote of thanks handover session Sister expressing gratitude for the gifts speech of Newengo Head (one on right) Tea after handover

Believe and Ben March 2007 viewing books        

The links below show the request from the head teacher

PDF file format   Flash file format