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Sponsoring a child's education is a way of equipping that child for life. It impacts on not only the child but the family they may grow up to have. It is probably the most valuable gift a child can receive.

If you want to sponsor a child, you can select the gender and school age range, i.e. lower secondary, upper secondary of sixth form. Our sponsorship for individual pupils, currently only covers pupils of Secondary School age.

You can make a one off annual donation or a regular monthly donation (preferred option). We ask for a donation that covers the school fees* and where needed examination entry fees. Additionally we would like to include some money to help towards uniform and some school materials such as paper, pencils and the like. Currently, this would translate into a monthly figure of between 5 and 10. ( i.e. 16p to 30p per day)

We will forward correspondence to the pupil from you and pass on replies. If you wish to send any presents to the child we will advise you about  appropriate gifts and costs involved.

If you would like to explore this further, contact us with your contact details, phone and / or email or mailing address, and we will get in touch with you OR you could download a Sponsorship Form. (Right mouse click then select Save target as...)

Looking forward to hearing from you -
Peter Wrigley

  * UK schools, at GCSE level, often spend in excess of 200 per pupil on entering them for their Examinations.