University of Zimbabwe
An invitation to visit the Vice Chancellor of the University of Zimbabwe was not something to turn down.

A tour of the campus showed the massive programme of renovation and refurbishment well under way. This is the face of a university with the nations people at the heart of its priorities.
Extensive research into anti-viral compounds which can be extracted from native plants - much like 90% of all pharmaceuticals - has borne fruit. Extensive field tests have attracted commercial sponsors and full scale production of life extending capsules will be under way this autumn.

Commercial scale production equipment delivered and ready for installation.

While there is no cure for HIV, this treatment has been shown to significantly extend the life expectancy of infected people. A number of other African countries are showing a keen interest in the project. If successful, the treatment will start to impact on the steadily falling life expectancy for the country.
(Life expectancy has fallen from 39 to 34 over the last few years according to the WHO)

Our invitation came from Prof. Nyagura who we met while he was visiting the Open University in Milton Keynes.


University of Zimbabwe

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France ESSEC Business School Paris
Nigeria Kaduna Polytechnic


SIFE - Students in Free Enterprise

"Mobilizing university students
to create economic opportunity for others
while discovering their own potential."

SIFE World Cup

Universities in the UK also compete in this world cup competition each year.

This international competition success shows the students and their lecturers are world class.

Prof. Nyagura in his post as Vice Chancellor has radically changed the ethos and standing of the university.