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2006 Visit some of what we took from people here

Funding pupils through school
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Chickens and Pigs
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Ben Thorpe, a young man from the UK and a friend of MCDP is visiting Zimbabwe during March 2007. He goes as a representative of MCDP and will meet with many of the people that Nigel and Peter have met on their visits. We look forward to his safe return to the UK and the news and photos that he will bring with him.

Summer 2004, Believe Njopera and Nigel Canning went to Mutasa for two weeks. It was a ground-breaking visit that built good relationships with the community. Nigel kept a diary of the visit that makes interesting reading. If you would like a copy (we ask for a donation to the Project) please contact Peter Wrigley. There are a number of short video clips made from either live video or stills which can be viewed by following this link

In the summer of 2005, Believe Njopera spent four weeks with his family in Mutasa. He was able to meet with many people who are willing to support the project. One of the people he met was Rhino Marimbire. He is the originator, for us, of the piggery and chicken project. See the link to that project.

Summer 2006. It is proposed that some of the project management group, at their own expense, visit Zimbabwe. Offers from Pastors in Harare to host the group and provide support during their stay have been made. It is hoped that this visit will include media coverage that will raise the profile of the project both in Zimbabwe and here in the UK. Update - Peter Wrigley and Believe Njopera will be going flying out of Gatwick on 23rd July and flying out of Harare on August 2nd.


2006 Visit:
links to various aspects of the visit

University of Zimbabwe

The Feast in the village

School Buildings