When we went out this summer we took with us a number of things that the school has asked for.

The School has just started an "A" Level Art course and we took paint to brushes and palette knives. Acrylics, water based or oil paints. Charcoal, pencils, sketch pads, erasers. whatever we could pack and carry within our luggage allowance.

We also took literally hundreds of pens, hundreds of pencils, hundreds crayons and a lot of markers even some pencil sharpeners. In the packing were also calculators and geometry sets for the maths department

Textiles features high on the academic list. Dress making shears, knitting needles, embroidery silks, ribbons and cold water dyes went out to that department

The school received a digital camera and a laptop to go with it. The Head of Science is looking after them and had already started to plan how he would use the laptop / camera combination to enhance the teaching of 'A' level biology before we left. We also left some of the free software resources that can be downloaded (if you have internet access!).

We also took out some reading glasses and a small amount of clothing.

All these items were either donated of purchased from money given to us specifically to help the school.

Thank you everyone who helped in any way.

We also took out the promise to sponsor more children as money had been given specifically for that, We hope to increase the number being sponsored fro 20 to 30 next term.